communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography


Week 5

These are very good. Great images get beyond the technical and make you think and feel. Like all great art.

Very impressed with you. Keep shooting!


Keepers: week 4

Hi there.

Today marks 31 classes until exams.

This is fabulous news.

This is fabulous photography:

Ciao for Niao.

Week 3! Some Keepers:

Here you go. Some great work. The grade 11 class is really progressing quickly.


Week 2. The Midterm Edition

A large volume of work handed in this week. Much of it was very good. A few were outstanding.

Check them out:

As a little reminder, these shots are captured and post-processed by 15,16 and 17 year old students of GBDSS.

I have said it many times, ‘Give them the equipment and opportunity and young people produce amazing results’.




As January lingers deep into April, the grade 11 photography class has ‘bloomed’ creatively.

Wow. That was corny.

Enjoy the images:

Midterms are next week!

47 classes ’til exams!

Portfolio: Redux Edition


Rosie’s Tender Touch

Jessica hated her incomplete portfolio. So she did another one.

I’m impressed with her drive and her ‘not good enough’ attitude. This is an excellent portfolio. Web design is smooth and intuitive. Images are outstanding. Great technical quality and you do colour so well. Great directing of your subjects. Nice work Jessica. Best of luck in the future.

Grade 12 Portfolios

_KEV0795-EditThese are in no particular order.

Some reflections on the portfolio submissions:

  1. Jacob Robb Other than some navigation issues, Jacob’s portfolio demonstrates great technical versatility. Theme is composed of interesting images but very (very!) loosely connected. Some entertainment value though. Critiques are light.
  2. Matt Argue Great navigation and layout. Website is very intuitive. Images have a lot of colour and variety. Technically your very best work. A slight repetitiveness to his themed images; his theme provided lots of variety that wasn’t taken advantage of. Critiques are reflective. This is an excellent portfolio. Great work.
  3. Jasmine Caston Some confusion navigating on main page. Critiques missing from website (though submitted). Images reveal what’s important to the photographer: her friends. This lends power to the images. Good work.
  4. Adam Lafleur This portfolio, though incomplete is an accurate representation of the photographer’s best work. Good selection. Variety and technically accomplished. Navigation is awkward. Go to bottom and click ‘Portfolio’. Fine work.
  5. Jessica Grundsten The homepage layout of this portfolio is strong. Maybe a carousel for the main page. Top right for images. Theme is a bit broad and is taken everywhere. Some inconsistency in the aesthetic. Some of these images are very, very strong. 6 Best: one of these isn’t like the others! Great quality, lack of diversity? Critiques are either very rudimentary or missing. Thanks for the ‘About Me’ page.
  6. Erica Lavereau This portfolio is great. The themed images are creative, executed fairly well and make you smile. (maybe even ‘guffaw’) Rydel is a star. Technical quality is a bit variable across the images and many would have been better executed in the studio. Critiques missing. A homepage would have made navigating more organized.
  7. Ethan Copeland I think an carousel (slideshow) for this template would make homepage a bit stronger (like Jessica’s above). Great diversity and technical skill demonstrated in the 6 best. The themed images are tight and technically excellent. Very entertaining stories. Great collaboration in the creation of this work. Critiques are all accounted for, if a bit too technical. How do these images make you feel? How should they make the viewer feel? A very strong portfolio.
  8. Brianna Barr Strongest website design and layout so far. ‘My Best’ images are technically and compositionally excellent. Show good diversity. ‘Theme’ is good but not very ‘tight’. Follow one horse and rider? Or six different horses doing the same thing? Critiques are light but complete. Nice portfolio.
  9. Kara Lafleur Website template is good. Background colour too intense? ‘Portfolios’ link is entirely redundant; homepage has everything on it. Themed images show strong production skills (hair and makeup) and a fantastic model (Thanks Jayda!). The ‘6 Best’ images are fine, if a bit ‘inside the box’. Critiques are production focused. I think that’s ok. Good work.
  10. Christopher Murray Website homepage is too big. Top banner is too big and slideshow, which I like, is also too big. Navigation to the critiques for the themed images is very obscure. Six Best navigation is so clean and efficient by comparison. ‘6 Best’ images are technically excellent. Theme is tight and well executed. Great storytelling Chris. Critiques are really thorough. I think. I’ll let you know when I’m done reading them! Great portfolio because you used the word ‘wondrous’.
  11. Ariel Harker Website navigation is very good. Background is too colourful, never distract from your images. Theme is creative and executed well. Maybe ‘Fat as an Elephant’ is a bit of an outlier? ‘6 Best’ really captures your diversity. Technical quality is exceptional. Critiques are reflective and complete. Very strong portfolio.
  12. Alyssia Stacey-Orchard Website navigation is largely intuitive and looks clean. Your ‘6 Best’ images are technically and aesthetically excellent. You have a very broad range. You just crushed your themed images. So well done. Critiques are complete and reflective. Exceptional portfolio Alyssia.
  13. Alyssa Gutoskie Your portfolio is one tab in your own, bigger website. That’s ok. The layout is a bit ‘all over the place’. Which is surprising, considering it’s all on one page. Lots of different fonts and layout choices used. More doesn’t always mean better. Unless it’s ice cream. Your theme is strengthened by your edit choices. If they are meant to be viewed in a particular order for storytelling, the presented layout is counterproductive. Your ‘6 Best’…are your 6 Best. They are diverse, technically excellent and I like them. A lot. Critiques are reflective. Good work.
  14. Brandon Tietz Colour choices for some of your menu items is unfortunate. The portfolio only represents a part of what you accomplished in room222. Your skills in photoshop, compositing, really developed (sic). A few of these projects, as represented here, are very strong. Missing your studio work in this portfolio. You had some excellent images come from your camera at times as well. Critiques are light. Thank you.
  15. Casey Curran Your website has a somber colour palette but very effective navigation. Lay out is good. Your ‘6 Best’ images are an excellent cross-section of your work this semester. You made huge progress. Your theme is interesting. Your images are a bit inconsistent in subject matter as you work through your story. Good work tying things together with your edit choices. Critiques are missing or incomplete. Fine portfolio.
  16. Jayda Longaphie (Kaylin!?) Website layout is simple but effective. The theme is tight and the images are well conceived and shot. Lots of selection for your ‘6Best’. This is not always the right way to go about establishing your work. Only show your very best work to potential clients. Good variety and technical quality for your edited shots on your ‘Best Works’ page. Your critiques are either missing or very light. Dear reader, if you’ve gotten this far, you know how much of a mark Jayda has left in room222. You see her face over and over. She is a natural muse. Great work Jayda.
  17. Julia Ambridge Slight error on the ‘Themed’ menu item and colours choices make menu items disappear. Your ‘6 Best’ are very good. Diverse and technically excellent. Critiques are a complete. Your ‘Theme’ is loose. A ‘Style’ actually. The images are good and you obviously have the talent needed to draw excellent expressions from your subjects. Good portfolio.
  18. Alyssa Mattinson Website navigation is incomplete. Can’t get back to main page from your ‘Original’ page. Main page image is from template and too big; it hides your best images below. An original image would have worked so much better. Your ‘6 Best’ images are diverse and showcase your ability effectively. Nice. Your ‘Themed’ images are outstanding. Subject, light and edit are all used to tie your images together. Story telling is weak but the images are visually striking and work well. Maybe one more standing pose? Have an editor review your writing. Critiques are light but included. Good portfolio.

That’s what I see. What do you think? Comments are welcome.

Thank you to all of you for an amazing semester. I’m very proud of what you have accomplished. Great work.

Remember room222. Cheers.