communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

  • Ring light! Don't waste the grad photo hairdo!
  • Great colour and the technical quality is awesome.
  • The Time Machine is up and running! Great colour and tack sharp.
  • Bubbles!
  • collin-young-2
  • So good. Love the gravity bending.
  • This is a great moment. Nice composition. The eye movement pattern through this shot is good.
  • Great light. Awesome ironic expression.
  • Ink drops are so alive!
  • Perfect use of the reflector. Pose and edit: all good.


Week 7

A few ‘Keepers’ from the seniors. The talent this year is very unique. It is combined with seriously mature focus and organization. A very successful combination.


Keepers: Week 7, Grade 10 Edition

The grade 10 comm tech class is an introduction to a bunch of different technologies. Digital photography is one of the methods of communication that we experiment with.

Now, normally the grade 10 class is very introductory and, let’s just say, pretty rough.

The current grade 10 class is kinda awesome. Jus’ sayn’:

Remember, these are just lil’ ones! 13, 14; maybe 15yrs old.

There are people who will spend their whole lives watching excellence happen. You people are what they watch.




Week 6: Report Card Week

This week is always the best/worst for marking. At least 400 individual pieces of assessment were marked this week as procrastinators try to salvage their mid-term results.

I think the thing that my generation has taught this generation is how to leave things to the last minute.

Still some great work though.

15, 16, 17 and 18 year olds captured these images. I just open the door in the morning and make sure the batteries are charged.

Enjoy. Comment if you wish.

See you next week.

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Week 5: Full production.

What a great week of image making!

Check these out:

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Week 4 Fantasticness

I made that word up. Running out of superlatives (LIU*) to describe these image makers. Very talented. Never underestimate the creativity and vision of teenagers. Provided with tools and opportunity, they never cease to amaze and inspire me.

And I’m very, very old.

Thank you for being awesome.

As usual, mouse over for photographer credits and some comments.

BTW, feel free to comment.

*Look It Up

‘Til next week, I remain your Servant of Light.


Week 3

Keepers for week 3. Mid-term report cards are coming soon. Be ready!

Some outstanding work from one of my favourite image makers:

Lava?! Sharks?! He rocks!

Some of my other favourite image makers:

Great work people!


Week 2

Hey everyone!

Some keepers from this week. We’re just getting into full production here in room222.

Great work:

As usual, mouseover for credits and comments. Don’t be afraid to leave your own comments!

Cheers GBDSS!