communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography


Prom 2018

_KEV4127Pics are here.

Largest collection of prom images ever. You all looked incredible.

Right click and ‘save as’ to download. Come see me for full rez files for printing. Yearbook insert will be available with yearbooks, June 15,16.

Hope you had a fantastic night.

Go be great!




Week 5

These are very good. Great images get beyond the technical and make you think and feel. Like all great art.

Very impressed with you. Keep shooting!

Keepers: week 4

Hi there.

Today marks 31 classes until exams.

This is fabulous news.

This is fabulous photography:

Ciao for Niao.

Week 3! Some Keepers:

Here you go. Some great work. The grade 11 class is really progressing quickly.


Week 2. The Midterm Edition

A large volume of work handed in this week. Much of it was very good. A few were outstanding.

Check them out:

As a little reminder, these shots are captured and post-processed by 15,16 and 17 year old students of GBDSS.

I have said it many times, ‘Give them the equipment and opportunity and young people produce amazing results’.




As January lingers deep into April, the grade 11 photography class has ‘bloomed’ creatively.

Wow. That was corny.

Enjoy the images:

Midterms are next week!

47 classes ’til exams!

Portfolio: Redux Edition


Rosie’s Tender Touch

Jessica hated her incomplete portfolio. So she did another one.

I’m impressed with her drive and her ‘not good enough’ attitude. This is an excellent portfolio. Web design is smooth and intuitive. Images are outstanding. Great technical quality and you do colour so well. Great directing of your subjects. Nice work Jessica. Best of luck in the future.