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Image of the Week

Great job Jenna.

Equipment: Canon Rebel XSi with 18-55mm kit lens at 18mm

Exposure: 1/250sec @ f/14 and ISO100

Jenna, do up a lighting layout in PSE and I’ll post with this.


Jenna Denise


A Couple of Keepers:

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte captured her cousin playing on the trampoline. What an expression! Great colours and clarity.

Equipment: Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens at 45mm.

Exposure: 1/250sec @ f/6.3 and ISO200.

Brenda created this 4 image Panoramic during one of our beautiful sunsets. We really take our locale for granted! Great image.

Equipment: Nikon D40 with 18-55mm kit lens at 18mm.

Exposure: 1/40sec @ f/14 and ISO200

Brenda Eklund

Grade 11’s

Tests are Fun!

I just love tests!

Please remember that test 3 is on Thursday, June 3rd. 🙂

Markbook Printouts

I’ll have Markbook printouts available for you tomorrow (May 26th)

They are complete apart from:

Grade 11’s:

  1. Practical Exam

    The End Cometh

  2. Written Exam
  3. Test 3
  4. Contrast/Diffusion Assignment
  5. ISU

Grade 12’s:

  1. Practical Exam
  2. Written Exam
  3. Portfolio
  4. ISU

Last day of class is Monday, June 21. Written exams follow.

You guys are the best 😉

Image of the Week

Jordan Setterfield

Jordan, this is exceptional.

A great local landmark, good composition, accurate exposure (I really love the balanced natural and artificial light) and excellent technique. This is a 30 second exposure. Count’em! Thirty! This is great craft. It is tack sharp. Gotta learn to love the tripod.

A deserving Image of the Week.

Equipment: Sony A200 with ? what lens did you use here? You shot at 28mm, is it the 18-70mm?

Exposure: 30sec (!) @ f/13 and ISO100

A Couple of Keepers

Here you go:

Tori shot good friend and great model Olivia. Great image and edgy edit.

Equipment: Nikon D200 (I love the images that come out of this camera), 55-200mm lens at 55mm

Exposure: 1/160 @ f/10 and ISO100

Tori Smurthwaite

Kaila got a little crazy and went long. Very cool result. I think using a tripod was the trick to getting such straight lines. Am I right Kaila?

Equipment: Canon Rebel XT with 18-55mm kit lens @ 48mm

Exposure: 1.3sec (crazy 😉 ) @ f/5-6 and ISO 100

Kaila Frostad

Rachel just returned from a school sponsored trip to France for the 65th anniversary of VE Day. They had a great, tiring, time. A beautiful image of the commemorative monument at Vimy Ridge.

Equipment: Fujifilm FinePix J12

Exposure: 1/680sec @ f/5.6 and ISO64

Rachel Juneau

Grade 12’s


Your To do List:

  • 5 lighting experiments and 5 your choice are due by May 28th.
  • ISU is due June 8th
  • Portfolio is due June 11th

Don’t forget that practical exams are starting Monday the 17th. Don’t miss your date.

Period C:

  • Jessie
  • Kevin (yours didn’t save)
  • Krista
  • Lauren
  • Dakota
  • Natalie
  • Kyle M.
  • Emily
  • Kyle V.
  • Ryan

Your Get in on the Discussion assignment is overdue.

Thank you, that is all.