communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Here are some more. . .

Here are a few shots that show the creative diversity of the students:

Ryley Contois

Equipment: Nikon D300, Sigma 150mm/f:2.8 Nikon SB800 flash, commander mode.

Exposure: 1/250sec, f:5.6, ISO200.

Technique: Strobe @ about 1/4 power in manual bounced from below into a foam core board behind glass and model. Black fabric backdrop. Red food colouring dropped into glass. A lot of patience 😉

Jessica Conners

Jessica added corn starch and food colouring to water and cross lit with two Nikon SB800 flashes in su4 remote mode.

Nikon D40 at 1/250th, f:8 and ISO200.

Kyla Robinson

Pictures of Kyla’s dance troupe. Talented and very energetic bunch.

D300 with 18-70mm lens at 18mm. on end of monopod, extended out over top standing on a chair. Trigger release. Three Nikon SB800 flashes in commander mode. 1 each in far corners (upper left and right of picture) firing into ceiling a full power. 1 firing into shoot through umbrella pointed at ceiling bottom left of picture 1/4 power.

Exposure: 1/200sec, f3.5, ISO200

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