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Uploading to

Here you go People! Instructions for resizing your images for upload to

I copied this from the 1X site:

Please think of the following before uploading a file:

    1. File must be stored in JPEG format
    2. File should not exceed 2MB, but have as high quality as possible. Use the “Save for web”-feature in Photoshop and adjust compression so it never exceeds 2MB but is as high as possible.
    3. We recommend 900-950 pixels for landscape format and 700-750 pixels height for portrait format.
    4. Avoid special characters in the filename. Stick to a-z, A-Z, 0-9. No blanks!
    5. Don’t upload the same photo more than once!
    6. Don’t upload photos with added borders or text
    7. All photo-parts of a photo montage must be taken by you. No stock photos allowed

Keep these things in mind before Uploading.

How do you resize?

Open the image in Photoshop.

Select: Image > Resize > Image Size from the menu Bar. (Alt + Ctrl + I)

Make sure that: Constrain Proportions and Resample Image are selected.

If the image is landscape format (horizontal) type: 950 in the Width box

Save as a new file (follow the instructions from 1X).


If the image is portrait format (vertical) type: 750 in the Height box

Save as a new file (follow the instructions from 1X).

Doing this should make your image less than 2mb in size.

Be sure to save the resized image under a new file name (something like original filenameresizedfor1x) make sure the file type is set to jpg. Use maximum file quality (12) for the compression setting.

This should work 😉

Marks posted tomorrow.

First challenge Posted on Sunday. Suggestions?


Goals for the Summer:

Here are a few things that will be happening over the summer:

1.Starting next weekend I’m going to be posting weekly challenges on this blog. The goal is to get you to use your camera and develop your skills over the summer. These are open to all and I’ll receive submissions (Resized to 2mb max to my email: I’ll post the winners on the blog and will provide help if requested…

2. Set up a website for the Comm Tech Department. I’ll use it to properly showcase student work.

3. Setup a workshop. A one day field excursion that I’ll offer to you guys from this blog. Any suggestions as to location or date (Early August?) let me know.

4. Figure out how to incorporate the TV units in the front lobby into the course next fall.

5. Finish a course at Brocku during the month of July.

6. Spend a week with my lovely wife in San Diego. . .

and finally:

7. Relax! 🙂

Enjoy your summer. Stay safe. Feel free to keep in touch. I look forward to seeing you all in the fall.


Congratulations to the Photographer (s) of the Year:

Grade 11: Tori Smurthwaite and Olivia Smiljanic
Grade 12: Kaila Frostad and Jenna Denise.

Outstanding work from all of you.

I collected about 200 keepers this semester.
From around 50 different students. These 4 represented 45 images between them.

We made it.

'Mediocrity' by Luke Haines

I love my job. You guys are the reason for it.

12’s: A remarkable bunch. I’m really going to miss you people. Good luck next year. Come and visit.

11’s: What a talented group. I hope to see you back next year. (Well at least most of you 😉 ) Have a great summer.

To all: Marking is done. MarkBook Printouts on Monday. Accepting last minute submissions until end of respective classes on Monday.

Exam Schedule:

Period ‘B’: Tuesday, June 22nd, 1:00pm

Period ‘C’: Thursday, June 24th, 9:00am

Period ‘D’: Thursday, June 24th, 1:00pm

Image of the Week

Luke Haines

Great work Luke. Strong Portfolio themed: ‘Modern Obsessions’. This shot is titled: ‘Perfection’

Equipment: Nikon D300 with 18-70mm @ 56mm

Exposure: 1/250sec @ f/8 and ISO200

Clamshell lighting Big umbrella overhead and silver reflector underneath.

Image of the Week

For the week ending June 11th:

Jenna Denise

This is part of a Portfolio that Jenna is creating for her culminating activity. One of a series of pictures shot to a theme. It is a technically excellent image with a strong aesthetic. I like the texture on the background, the ‘I know it’s manipulated, but I like it’ look to it.

You will see more from this exceptional photographer. Count on it.

Equipment: Canon Rebel XSi with 18-55mm kit lens @ 30mm.

Exposure: 1/250sec @ f/8 and ISO100

A couple of great shots.

Emily Mulders

I’m getting some exceptional images as the semester (and the year: whoot!)

Like. . .

Emily shot this derelict in a bus graveyard. A great location for a whole series of pics. This one is strong. Very challenging edit.

I don’t have Equipment or Exposure data for this. Emily?

and. . .

Kaila shot the model, not in itself a difficult shot but the background light really sets it apart.

Equipment: Nikon D300 with 50mm f1.8.

Exposure: 1sec (to get the background light to register) @ f4 and ISO200

Light: Beauty dish directly overhead just out of camera, 1/32 power. Sheet metal base. Spinny disco ball light, taped still, for background light. Shiny reflector bouncing beauty dish into side of car. Cool.

Kaila Frostad