communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Abandoned #1

Here’s an image I just received. It came from someone who has never posted before.


This was my reply:

Welcome! Firstly, thank you for participating!. Have no fear, we are all learning. Giving and taking critique is an essential skill to develop for photographers.

This is a well executed image. Good technically and conceptually. The edit, though slightly intrusive, is still very effective.

A couple things; firstly, the story behind the image is very human. Maybe introducing a human element (I see a girl in a flowery dress marching away in the blurred background?) would be effective to ‘tell the story’ (a phrase you will hear a lot when having critiques done).

Secondly, do a bit of research on ‘THE RULE OF THIRDS’ (imagine huge echoing voice booming that out;) It may suggest to you a slightly more appropriate subject placement.

You are welcome here.

Mr. Morphet

Let’s go everyone! Have a great summer.

Mr. Morphet


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