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Some San Diego

It was a beautiful trip.


Week 8: Clothing

I’ll extend the deadline until Tuesday, Aug 31, 9:00pm.

Only a couple of weeks!

Mr. M

Week 7: Reflections

Only 4 images this week:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Congrats to Jessica!

Won, hands down. (Get it? 😉 )

Image 4


Sorry I was so long in updating this blog.

San Diego was amazing.

(pics to follow)

Wonky connection though and I couldn’t get posts to publish.

Home now. Will get to it. . .


Sunrise Anza-Borrego Desert

It’s called Sunrise Hwy, it’s a mile up, it is 75min from our hotel. We arrived at 5:30am. I have a wonderful wife.

It was a profoundly awesome experience to see the morning light wash the darkness away with first blue, then red, then orange, then yellow. Shot alot of panos. Had to, the sky/mountains were so much bigger than any picture frame.

Ate at a little Italian restaurant ‘Pomodoros’ Small, loud and the best food ever.

Going to Coronado Island via the U.S.S.Midway (aircraft carrier/museum) by bike today.


Mr. M

Here we are!

So, flight went awesome. Hate the size of the seats. Got to the Best Western Island Palms Hotel and Marina and all is good.

So I got this book: Photo Secrets San Diego, A Photographer’s Guide to kind of prep for this trip. It’s pretty good. It showed me this great location to take a skyline shot of downtown San Diego. We drive up to this place (only 1km away from hotel) and I set up. It feels like I’m in someone’s driveway but it is supposed to be public access. Then the people came home. Awkward! But they were great! Let us in and I got to shoot panos of the skyline off of their balcony.

So awesome! The best views imaginable out their windows and so nice! Great start. Point Loma tomorrow.

San Diego from Point Loma

D300, 18-70 at 70mm

ISO 200, 8sec @ f8 (notice the light trails from planes)

BTW our hotel is amongst the palm trees in the middle of the picture.