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Now For Something Completely Different

Thanks every one that dressed up on Friday. I had so much fun shooting that day. Great ideas! MSS rocks.

Here’s the best of the day:

How about a caption contest? I’ll post the best ones in the comments. Image 1 starts top left, down to image 23.

BTW, bring me candy:)


Image of the Week:Can’t Pick only One!


Olivia Smiljanic


I can’t pick just one ‘Image of the Week’. There were 22: from ONE class. Wowsers! Here are 3 that stood out even among the standouts:







Jenna Ruttle



Michelle Cruden


A Couple Things:

1. Interm reports go home tomorrow (Tuesday). Many of you have little to assess. Time to change that. I will be discussing the situation with those most affected.

2. I will be posting only 1 ‘image of the week’ starting this week.

3. Tests: Grade 11: Thursday, October 14th and Grade 12: Thursday, October 14th.

Let’s get crack’a’lackin’ (I’ve always wanted to type that;)


Brody Monk 'Never Surrender'


Keepers for the Week Ending Oct 8


Dakota King

Brittni Nichols

Jenna Ruttle

Dakota King

Great images from great image makers:

Jenna Ruttle


So a New Semester Begins

Mackenzie C

Jesse Loucks

Welcome back every one!

Dakota King

Brittany Wiggins

Jenna Ruttle

Here are a few keepers from this week:

A very good start.