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New Header Image

Thanks to Quinn Taylor for giving us an updated image.


Hey. . . Some Great Images!


Stevee Diver

Brittney Shields

Jennifer McDonald (I never trusted that Ken guy!)

Shivani Patel

Taryn Gordon

Stevee Diver (A Big Drip 🙂

Sydney Webster

Sydney Webster


Just an outstanding collection of styles and techniques.

I continue to be impressed.

7 weeks and counting. . .

Let this be a warning to all: there are only 7 weeks of classes before exams. If you are behind (and you know who you are), >:| time to get organized. I will be having ‘Pep-talk #72-a’ with several of you on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend.

This transmission has come to an end. . .

Rochester, Maine. Summer 2009

Keepers Week Ending Nov 19

Great images. Love the variety of styles and techniques.

Jennifer McDonald

Kelly Logan

Dakota King

Jenna Ruttle

Gymnastics Too!

Only 2 years ago. How time flies!

Badminton Starts this Week

Dug way down into the archives to find these photographic gems. Can’t wait for Badminton to start. Can you guess the year?

Did someone say Hockey?

What a bunch of Barbarians. . .

They feel frustrated because Ottawa is better!