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I get to take some every once in a while.

No, really!


Remembrance Day

I know it’s been a month or so, but here are some images from the Remembrance┬áDay Service:

Some more:


Kevin Dalrymple

Just because you have nothing to do (ahem), and I missed Sunday’s update, here are a few more:

Kevin Dalrymple

Kabrina Duquette

Kelly Logan

Quinn Taylor

Jacob Moyston

Shivani Patel


Because you have nothing to do. . .


Dana Davis

I thought a little ‘Keeper’ fix would be good:

Welcome to the Dana Davis Show. Just amazing.

Dana Davis

Dana Davis

Dana Davis

Dana Davis (I think)


A Snow Day!

This may be very unprofessional. And you know how much I miss you guys when you’re not here. And your education is very important. But . . . well, you get the idea. ­čśë

Kabrina Duquette


Santa here. . .Again

If you want a dSLR for Christmas, Staples has the Canon Rebel XS for $399.00. This is remarkable.

Rebel T1i: $599.00. Excellent step up from the XS and it shoots HD (1080p) video. Wow.

I do not work for Staples. I actually don’t even like the place (the colour scheme is kinda tacky). But the prices can not be beat.

A 10 mp point and shot camera for $70.00!? Canon A490. Amazing little camera. Amazing little price.

4gb SD card $12.00 (buy two!), $8.00 for 2gb USB key.

All prices good from the 11th to the 17th. Check it out.

See? Santa cares. ­čśë

Hey, Merry Christmas.


A couple of notes:

Only 5 weeks of classes left. Many of you are very behind. I am concerned.


Grade 12’s: please complete the ‘Advanced Styles’ assignment. Many are focused on the ‘Portfolio’ or ‘Lighting Experiments’. This is going to cause you much grief in a few weeks. Please note: I will not be marking Lighting Experiments that do not include a completed lighting layout sheet.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Scared yet?