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Santa’s little Elf

Ho! Ho! Ho!

SO, let’s say Santa was gonna buy you something electronical for Christmas and you were looking for some advice.

Who would you turn to?

Why, this Santa, that’s who!

Here are a few friendly suggestions organized by budget (taxes and batteries NOT included 😉 ) Pass this on to the Santa in your house.

Remeber, some of these are limited time offers. Move quick!

less than $200.00:

Zellers has iTunes $25.00 gift cards for $20.00 each

Walmart is selling a 4gig usb key for $9.00

Walmart has 2gig SD memory cards for $6.00 each (4gig for $10.00)

A combo pack of the above would be kinda nice 🙂


Walmart is selling the Canon SX130IS for $198.00 (!)

Get a little camera bag ($15.00), 4gig SD card ($10.00) and a 4gig usb key ($10.00) while you’re there.

Staples is selling a 20pack of AA batteries (Duracell non-rechargeable for $10.00

better yet, Zellers has a four pack rechargeable for $10.50. Nice.

Total: $243.50. Buy some wrap with the change.


the perfect accessory for the little boy or girl that has been very good this year and has a dSLR already:

Manfrotto M-Y Kit 732CY w/ 484RC2 Basalt tripod/ head kit. get it at Henrys in Barrie for $250.00


Walmart is selling the Canon Rebel XS kit for $428.00. If you’ve been really good this year, run, don’t walk, to Walmart and pick this up. The best deal out there on an imaging device. Period.


Add a bag ($25.00), an extra SD card ($10.00), a 4gig usb stick ($9.00) and an iTunes card ($20.00) to the Rebel XS and your little Santa’s helper will be a very happy munchkin.


I’ve never been good enough for Santa to spoil me this bad. But if you have, do I have a suggestion for you!

Future shop has a Web only deal going on TONIGHT! Check this link out:

See the Canon T2i kit for $850.00? That is a remarkable deal. You are getting the camera for a normal retail price ($800.00 at Henrys) and all the accessories (admittedly I don’t know the quality of the tripod, but who cares?!) for free! I like this camera and it has incredible HD video capabilities.

Plus you have money left over for the stockingstuffers listed above! Nice.

Now, I know you want to buy Santa a little something and I really think that’s nice. So to help you with that I give you my little gift list:

Nikon D3S, Nikon 24-70 f2.8, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 and Nikon 14-24 f2.8: $11 000.00

Ha! Gottcha! 🙂

Hope this helps you out a bit if you are buying for a photographer in your house. If you have any other questions for Santa feel free to leave a comment.

Oh, and BTW, have a great Christmas. You guys are the best.

Mr. Morphet (I know, you thought it really was Santa, didn’t you!)

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