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New Header Image

Thank you, Shealyn May. Very cool image.


Hey! Finally done.

My, My! What good photographs you have grandma!

Sorry this took so long. As always, you guys are amazing.

One more class to go. . .

It is so dumb to procrastinate. I have one more class to go. A heap of marking. I’ll finish it during my Prep and lunch tomorrow. Really sorry that it’s taken so long for me to get this stuff back to you.

Been a busy few weeks.

Hope you like the new website for the school. It’s for you people. Hope it works.

Here are a few shots that I’ve enjoyed so far. More to come. . .

As usual mouse-over to see the photographer.

VERY slow week

Interm report cards go home Tuesday, March 8th. Many of you are missing a lot of work. Last week was a very poor showing for productivity.

I will be meeting with many of you tomorrow.

On a brighter note, nice shot Amy!