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Submissions for ‘Friends’

Last one for the summer.

See you guys soon!


Winner of the Bug thing

Congrats Levi.

You definitely get the consistency award!

Back Home…

Pics of the trip are up on flickr.

Comments are welcome.

Mr. M

And now. . . We RIDE!

I love Rango. See it if you haven’t.

The trip is amazing. Grand Canyon is bigger than you can imagine. Horseshoe bend, beautiful. Antelope canyon, Bryce, Zion, yada, yada, yada. Words would fail. Pictures fail to adequately capture these places.

HDR experiments:

BTW Vegas is a sad place.

On the way to Sequoia National Forest.

See you in a couple of weeks. Most of you anyway :(.

Mr. M

Week 5 Theme

Ok, Ok! Sorry I’m late. Unlike some of you, I have a life. Well, not really. But I’d like one 🙂

The theme for this week is:


AND because it’s already Wednesday and some of you will have to get busy making some, submissions will be accepted until August 14th. (Levi, that’s a whole week and a half. Gonna be ok? 😛 )

You guys are the best and I hope you’re all having an awesome summer.

Next post from Arizona!

Mr. M

Week 4 Submissions: A Bugs’ Life

And it’s a tie!

Winners for week 3 ‘Beautiful Blur’

Congrats! To Brandon and thank you to Charlie for the great image.