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Macro on the Cheap

Macro is cool. Cheap macro is super cool. This postshould be chilly then.

Reverse lens Macro.


Great Compositing

An article that describes the creation of this image. It is a composite of two images. The blending of the colour of light between the two is fantastic. Really adds to the realism. Check it out!

Keepers for week ending November 26th

Wow. Great stuff. Many of you have lots of work to do. Git ‘er dun!

Cred: Mouse over

The Speed of Light

High speed photography is a fascinating style of picture taking. Very amazing results. Check out this ‘Primer‘.

Shooting Tango in the streets of Montreal

Very cool:

BTS Von Wong Photography – Tango from Pakdi Decnud on Vimeo.

Tim Coburn is a seasoned pro. If he says something, you should listen. Great advice for people in front of, and behind, the camera.

5 Basic Portrait Lighting Setups

Here are the basics. Well presented with diagrams. Try them out!