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Can’t believe it’s over

Where did it go?

For some, as you move on, I wish the very best in your future. You will shine. Others, I look forward to hosting you again in room222.

To all, I hope that your time here was good for you. It will always be your space. I’ll keep the door open. ­čÖé

The last of the keepers for semester 1, 2011-12:

Creds: Mouse over

The Best of the Best

Check all the portfolios out. They all demonstrate outstanding skill and creativity but I’ve chosen to give special mention to, what I feel, are the strongest portfolios of semester 1:

In alpha order.

Meagan Coulter

Simple, clear, personally relevant theme. Technical quality is consistently top shelf (that means good btw). Lighting control is exemplary. The light is appropriate for the subject and never becomes the subject. Timing is spot on. Navigable site.
You got it Meggers.

Shealyn May

Themed images executed with great skill. (and patience:) The technical quality is consistently superior. Themed images are lit beautifully. The ‘best’ sections demonstrates depth and variety of style; all created with talent. Site is clean and presents the images well.
Such great work Shea.

Shivani Patel

You have got to see these themed images. Just beautiful light. The theme is very personal, intimate. A hint of the exotic. All images have a very high technical level and are composed with confidence. Well chosen selection. Site is easy to work through and showcases well.
Very nice Shiv.

Megyn Webster

The theme is just excellent. She stretched herself conceptually. Execution was great. Production values are very high. Lots of work here. Imaginative and eclectic portfolio. 
Very creative Meegers.

Ladies, these four portfolios are outstanding!

The 12’s Shine

Some portfolios:

Hailey Hubbard

Amy Kloosterman

Brooke Woods

McKayla Carnovale

Aiden Blight

Jessie LoucksForget

There are a few more to come (I hope!). Stay tuned.

Here are the rest:

Ashley Belanger

Kyle McConnell

Taylor Losey

Chris Stephan

Teagan Dalrymple

Skye Decaire

Tyler Cadeau

Jill Hardy

Paige Taylor


Keepers for Week ending Jan 21

Great stuff.

Creds: Mouse over

A Sad Day.



Time Lapse is so Beautiful. . .

. . . my eyes fall in love EVERY TIME!

Such contrasts of a fascinating culture.Shimegaura

What do you want to be when YOU grow up?

For me? This. . .

Big Bend, Arizona Summer 2011