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Keepers Week Ending April 28

Look. Be inspired.

You people rock quite a significant amount.

cred: mouse over

Some more Keepers:

Very busy week for some of you.

creds: The best people ever.

The “Hipster’gram” Look

For you Hipster and Instagram and Lightroom lovers (to know it is to LOVE it!), here is ultimate bliss:

Make your images all Hipster/Instagram IN Lightroom! I know, right!? 🙂

Last set for this week.

Everyone has worked hard this week to get caught up. Great work.

cred: Mouseover

Portrait Photography is a problem looking for creative solutions.

And this guest post on Scott Kelbys’ blog illustrates a few.

Oh the agony of film. . .

. . . and the beauty.

Unreal dedication to the craft.

Hey. Keepers.

Have a look. Then go away.

Btw: you guys rock!

Now, go away.