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Kaitlyn Burns was away from us for several months on an student exchange to Spain. Here are a few of the sights:


Segovia is one of the oldest cities in Spain. Just walking through the streets you can feel the history that has taken place.

If you go to Segovia, you can’t miss out on walking under The Aqueduct of Segovia. The Aqueduct of Segovia is a giant wall that stretches 818 metres and is 29 metres high. It was built during the end of the 1st century and the beginning of the 2nd century. There was no use of mortar in the building of the wall. All it is made out of is stones and blocks. The purpose of the wall is to carry water across the city and disperse it evenly throughout the houses, churches, ect.

In Segovia, there is also one of the most beautiful churches in Spain, this church is visible from pretty much everywhere in Segovia, as religion is a very big part of every Spanish person’s life.


Toledo is a city based upon its medieval background. Throughout the city the narrow streets are made from cobblestone and lined with shops and stores. To enter the city you must enter through a castle looking door. Which really sets the old, medieval mood for the city.

Also in the center of Toledo is a massive church. In all of the old cities there is a massive cathedral church in the center, usually placed upon a hill where everyone can see it. In the past, and in the present, religion is and was a very big part of every Spaniard’s life. If you go to Toledo, you cannot miss out on visiting this church. This church was constructed in the 13th century and is absolutely stunning inside and out, it is believed to have been constructed with Gothic architecture. Inside the church, the ceilings are at least 50 feet tall and are lined with paintings and sculptures of angels.


In Madrid you cannot miss out on all the site seeing. When in Madrid there is a bus that will take you to view everything! The city hall, the royal palace, the gran via, all of the monuments and more. When in Madrid these are a few of the things you will see.

The Plaza de Cibeles, or city hall was constructed in 1909, and until 2007, was used as a museum. In 2007 they decided it would be converted to Madrid’s official city hall.

The La Puerta de Moncloa was constructed in 1956 by a dictator named Franco. It may also be referred to as Arco de la Victoria, but the public would rather not be reminded of Franco, and just refer to it as La Puerta de Moncloa.

When in Madrid definitely don’t miss out on touring through the royal palace. It’s about €5.00 a person, and is the best €5.00 you will ever spend.


In Salamanca the grand square is known as the most beautiful square in all of Spain. When in Salamanca you should also definitely check out the University of Salamanca.

cred: Kaitlyn Burns

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