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Hey All! Keepers.

Aesthetic, technical, variegated. (Look it up.) Thank you all.

creds: mouseover

Another one with the Ring Flash

Same settings, different day; and smile.

Thanks Kart!

We have the coolest chair, ever.

Thanks to the Sharp family for donating the coolest ’70’s throwback chair. We’ve been using it. Alot.

Thank you!

Some recent shots with the ring flash

Such an amazing light source. The DIY Ringflash kit with a Nikon SB-800 connected to the camera with an SC-28. D800 with 50mm 1.8G. Camera settings: 1/200sec; f2.8; ISO400. Flash set to manual and about 1/8 power. Hand held run and gun.

Check out the catch lights!

Tip: Shallow depth of field works best. Use a large aperture and get tight. Have a background close; part of the look is the shadow thrown on the background by the flash.

Thanks to Ken and Nat for the smiles.



Keepers for week ending October 19

Nice stuff. Again.

Credit: Mouseover


We got keepers! I like the way this semester is looking!

As always, mouse over for the photographer’s name.

Great work people!