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Grade 12 Portfolio Submissions

Here are links to the top 8 portfolios of Semester 1. Some great work and you should all be very proud of your skillz.

In no particular order:

Check them out. Leave comments. Produce: don’t merely consume.

Mr. M


Final Week

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks for many of you. Some great images.

Good luck on your exams and see you next semester.

creds: Mouseover

Hey all!

Only one more week to go. Its been great! Thanks to all of the great people I get to work with daily. You truly inspire me.

Here are some of the best of this weeks’ submissions:

creds: Mouseover

Happy New Year MSS!

Some Keepers from Room 222.

As usual, you people are amazing. Just sayin’

I’m cray. Or absurd. Not sure which.

Creds: Mouseover