communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Hey There.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas. We’ve been in the remote areas of Chile for the past few days and I haven’t been ‘connected’. Those of you that know me would know how weird that is. It was kinda nice frankly. You should try it. Especially during the holiday. 

So, we travelled south on a luxury bus to Los Angeles. (Not the one with the freaks in it.) This is where I spent my time during my first visit 11 years ago. This area, particularly the ‘campo’ (rural) area just north of this city of 180 000, called Peñaflor, is my favourite location in the world. So far anyway.

One day we went to the coastal twin cities of Conception and Talcahuano.

Feel free to comment below.

Talk to you soon,

Coach Mo’

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