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Week 5 Bonanza!

Wow! you people were busy this week! Oh yeah, report cards are coming. sic

Great work no matter the motivation. I’ve never had 37 keepers in one week.


You people are really good at this. Keep it up.

‘Til next week,



Keepers: Week 3. Grade 12 Edition

The grade 11’s have been stealing the show so far this semester. They really are very talented. This week, the grade 12 class has turned it up. Some very high quality submissions. Have a look and feel free to comment.

See you people next week.

mouse over for the cred and click for some colour commentary.

Some Keepers from week 2

Love high contrast soft light. Great light and posing.

mouseover for credits

As always, I am staggered by the talent these youngin’s┬ácan demonstrate. You people are the best!

See you next week!