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One More Week!

How time flies!

This has been an remarkably talented group of people.

Want more proof?

Here ya go!

One more week to go!


See ya then.


Keepers: Week 10

Great work this week people!

For your inspiration:

Can you count the number of times the word ‘great’ is in this post?


You are awesome.

See you next week.


Week 9: Some Excellence

Crunch time for many. So few classes left and some of you have left a lot of work to do in a very short time.

Some inspiration:

Thanks for looking. Comment if you wish. The students love it.


Week 7 & 8

Some keepers.

Again, very good work.


Week 6: Midterm Rush

Marked like, a million images this week.

Some keepers:

Impressive. Wish you were this good? Me too.

A combination of dedication, focus and practice led to the creation of these images.

It could be you, or even me, if we worked as hard.

Nice work everyone.

See you next week.

Week 5.

Great work people!

One more week to submit for mid term reports.

See you on Monday!


Keepers: the week 4 edition

Thanks to everyone that worked so hard this week.

You’re an inspiration to me and I hope to those that didn’t.

Mid term report cards are just around the corner.

You’ve been warned 🙂

Mouse over for creds. Click for a bigger image and comments.

Leave a comment. Or else.