communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Classroom stuff

Pics of Summer

Hope you are all having a great Summer.

Alabama Hills, California is a small region just east of Mt. Whitney.

Oh my!

Heading to Zion next.



Summer Trip 2018

5200km in one week. Currently in San Diego. Is there a word for better than ‘Epic’?

I need to invent one.

Epic-er. Epic-est.

No words….



Grad 2018

_KEV5065Here you go.

Miss you already.

It’s over.

Just all the leaving to do now.

Will miss this group of good humans.

Go Be Great!

Some final keepers.


Prom 2018

_KEV4127Pics are here.

Largest collection of prom images ever. You all looked incredible.

Right click and ‘save as’ to download. Come see me for full rez files for printing. Yearbook insert will be available with yearbooks, June 15,16.

Hope you had a fantastic night.

Go be great!



Week 5

These are very good. Great images get beyond the technical and make you think and feel. Like all great art.

Very impressed with you. Keep shooting!

Keepers: week 4

Hi there.

Today marks 31 classes until exams.

This is fabulous news.

This is fabulous photography:

Ciao for Niao.