communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Grade 10 Communication Technology (TGJ 2O)

Kevin Dalrymple

Welcome to Room 222.

The Grade 10 Comm Tech course at GBDSS is an Open level introduction to Digital Media Production. It is divided into three basic units:

1. Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing

2. Digital Photography


3. Videography and Animation

In Unit 1 you will learn how colour, type and layout can improve your publishing. You might make posters, CD covers, logos and many other publications, electronic and printed. You will learn colour theory, typography and the basic principles of good layout. You will use our state of the art computer lab and software like, Word, Publisher, PhotoshopCC, IndesignCC and IllustratorCC to complete your assignments. It takes about 6 or 7 weeks to get through this unit.

Unit 2 is the digital photography unit. You will be introduced to the digital SLR and how to use it. You do not need to have a camera to take this course. We have a complete set of Nikon dSLRs available for student use and a 1000sf studio to shoot in. You will spend about 8 or 9 weeks developing your photographic skills in the field and in the studio. You will be learning more about PhotoshopCC as you edit your images. The best images are ‘Keepers’ and go up on our classroom website here.

Unit 3 is Videography. You will learn about the mechanics and process of movie production. You may learn to edit a movie trailer into a commercial with voice over and effects. May produce your own screenplay, live action or stop-motion animation. This unit takes 5 or 6 weeks.

There are some quizzes and some tests. The final exam is a combination of a multiple choice test and a creative practical element.

You may be taught by either Mr. Campbell, Mr. Haughton, Mr. Balabuck or Mr. Morphet.

The course is fun and hands-on.

To be successful, you need to develop your organization skills; it is a busy course! You will need to have great attendance; you need to be in class to produce your work.

If you have anymore questions please feel free leave your question as a comment. We’ll get back to you.

Or you could come up to Room 222 anytime!

Mr. M

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