communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Grade 11 Communication Technology (TGP 3M) Photography 1

Tori Smurthwaite

This class is popularly known as ‘Photo 1’.

It is an Introductory digital photography course that emphasizes developing your technical and aesthetic skills. It is a College/University course and is designed to prepare you for ‘Photo 2’ (TGP 4M)

We start with a bit of history; where did the camera come from? We discuss the transition from film to digital technologies, the advantages and disadvantages to the new tech.

We talk about the technology quite a bit. How digital cameras work and how to get the best from them. Exposure, Shutterspeed, Aperture and ISO. Some of this is review for those who took the grade 10 commtech class.

We learn about how to compose and create the best communicating images possible.

We utilize Adobe PhotoShopCC in our state of the art computer lab for editing and you will learn to handle it like a pro.

The assessment is project based and you need to be very organized to keep up with your work.

You do not need to have a camera. Owning, or having access to, a dSLR is an advantage. We have 14 Nikon dSLRs for loan with tripods, reflectors and lights also available.

We have one of the largest and best equipped studios north of Toronto. Not just in a High School; anywhere. Period. 7 shooting stations, 5 backdrop locations and tons of lights and modifiers. All of this is for you to experiment with; to learn with; to express yourself.

This course is part of the unique Specialist High Skills Major in Information and Communication Technology program offered at GBDSS. Ask Guidance about this unique program available for all students.

Mr. Morphet will be your teacher and we have a lot of fun with this program.

Check out the type of work that the Photo 1 students do here.

Feel free to come and visit if you have more questions.

Mr. M

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