communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Grade 11 Communication Technology (TGV 3M) Videography 1

This brand new course is called ‘Video 1’ for short.

We’ll be developing this course together. It’s gonna be awesome. We’ll be applying the same level of quality to the production of video for the web as we currently do in the Photo 1 program. This course will prepare you for the responsibilities of ‘Video 2’ (TGV4M)

We’ll be learning a bit about the history of video and the technologies that are used to create video.

We’ll be learning about the pre-production process; how to build and lead a team to create your vision. Screenplay development, scouting, shot lists and much more.

We’ll practice the skills necessary in the production phase of video production; how to use the equipment, types of shots, camera support, lighting, audio recording and many others.

We’ll then be using non-linear editing suites in post-production to polish your raw footage into the final product.

This course is part of the unique Specialist High Skills Major in Information and Communication Technology program offered at GBDSS.

We’ll be creating marketing materials, news reels and other content for the GBDSS website and our televison show  which airs on RogersTV. Yup! you will be live on the air! You will be using video enabled dSLR’s and other modern solid state video recording devices (like the Hero HD and our DJI Phantom flight platform).

Mr. Morphet will be your teacher and you’ll be using the studio in room222 and other locations.

To succeed in this course you will have to be a team player who is responsible and productive.

Do you have a creative vision? To you work well in a team? Does the opportunity to learn how to use the latest technologies to produce video content for the web excite you?

Do you want to be a producer not just a consumer?

Then this course is for you.

If you have any questions please feel free to come see me in room222.

See you there,

Mr. Morphet

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