communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography

Grade 12 Communication Technology (TGV 4M) Videography 2

Georgian Bay District Secondary School: home of room222 studio.

This is a brand new course at GBDSS. Together we’ll be building a program that is second to none.

Using the skills learned in the prerequisite, Video 1, students will develop their own unique vision and express it through leading a team of students to develop original and quality content.

We’ll deconstruct the best that the current crop of independent filmmakers can produce and using the latest in video and audio production tools and techniques, we’ll take it to the next level.

You will master Premiere ProCC, After EffectsCC, Adobe Media EncoderCC and Audio Production tools like Audition. You a Apple fan? Try our Mac lab with Final Cut Pro, Motion and Logic Pro. We have the tools and the expertise to let you soar.

Event coverage, sports, lifestyle, social interest, marketing and other styles of video will be produced by this class. We’ll showcase the best on our own television show which airs on RogersTV. Yup! you’ll be making television. You will be learning from industry professionals from RogersTV. It is an amazing, post-secondary level, opportunity. No one else does it like GBDSS.

We’ll learn about good audio. How audio is as important as good video.

This course is part of the unique Specialist High Skills Major in Information and Communication Technology program offered at GBDSS.

Mr. Morphet will be your teacher, you’ll be in room222, on location and in the RogersTV studio at the RecCentre.

If you’re a creative, responsible person with something to say, this course will provide you with the tools and direction to express yourself.

If you have questions, come check us out in room222.

Mr. Morphet

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