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Semester 2, Week 3

This week was dog week in the studio. We’ll see some great puppy pics over the next couple of weeks. Other awesomeness below:

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See you next week.

Some Keepers. Week 2

Cool stuff from the grade 11 classes.

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Welcome to Semester 2!

Just a few pictures put together by the grade 11 classes. What a start!

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Grade 12 Portfolios


Generally speaking, these portfolios are outstanding.

Very impressed.

Some of you haveĀ genuine talentĀ and a fantastic work ethic.

Don’t stop shooting!

Have the best life ever.

Click the links to check out the portfolios for yourself.

In no particular order:

Alex Houthuyzen

Becca Duval

Collin Young

Aubrey Wagg

Ethan Hibbs

Taylor Thorburn

Cierra Nieman

Tyler Proulx

Riley Losey

Kat Sibbet

Braden Dubeau

Cameron Enright

Mitchell Edgley

Fintan Powell

Makayla Byers

Riley McLaughlin

Kirstin Copeland

Kayla Cadeau

Maggie Hollefriend

Jordyn McIvor

Rowan Ellis

Week 11

Final Keepers post. Awesome work this semester everyone.

Very impressed.

I’ll have links to the Grade 12 Portfolios shortly. Expect to be blown away!

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Week 10: Keepers Edition

Wow. What a quality semester. Great work people.

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Some more Keepers from week 9

These people are so talented.

Love it!