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Week 2 Excellence and a Thanksgiving Rant.

I’m reminded frequently, by many, of how fortunate I am to have the job that I have.

You bet.

You will never hear me complain about my job. The people I work with are exceptional humans. Each and every one. Each in their own, unique way.

The creativity and skill that these people demonstrate is inspiring.

So Thankful.

Some Keepers:

As usual, click to have a good look and see the credits.

Feel free to comment. The students love it.

Gobble, gobble.


Oh! Hey!

We’re back! Nice to see you again.

Here you go:

I suspect we’ll be seeing more from these photographers. Many others as well. Great crop this year!

Sea ewe next weak.



Whales are big. Whales swim in the ocean. I like whales.

On to Súðavík tomorrow. Long day in the saddle.

Please have a safe and fantastic day.

Be great.


To Akureyi via EgilsstaĂ°ir

What a beautiful country. Incredible geological formations, terrain and features. Colour and variety is off the hook.

You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Whale watching today.

Have a nice day.

I will. 🙂


The Road to Hofn

A couple of days filled with ice.

Amazing places. Great times.


Iceland 2: The road to Vik

What an epic day. Dove to Vik and it’s black sand beaches via Seljalandsfoss and SkĂłgafoss. Hard hike at the latter. Had a $10.00 bowl of soup that cost $20.00. High country epic 4WD back road adventure under the midnight sun. Surreal landscapes and huge laughs.

Sorry, no time for photo comments today. Leaving the house for Reykjavik.

Iceland 1

We’re here. Finally. All the wishing and dreaming and planning. The expectations have been so high for so long, I worried a location couldn’t possibly rise to the hype. Would the reality be buried under the weight of my dreams? Like Andromeda or Wonder Woman?

Some snaps from Day one: On the road to Háifoss.

Today, the sun is shining. It is off to Vik on the south coast.

Hope you all are having an awesome start to your break. Be great. Be safe. TTYL.