communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography


Week 7 & 8

Some keepers.

Again, very good work.



Week 6: Midterm Rush

Marked like, a million images this week.

Some keepers:

Impressive. Wish you were this good? Me too.

A combination of dedication, focus and practice led to the creation of these images.

It could be you, or even me, if we worked as hard.

Nice work everyone.

See you next week.

Week 5.

Great work people!

One more week to submit for mid term reports.

See you on Monday!


Keepers: the week 4 edition

Thanks to everyone that worked so hard this week.

You’re an inspiration to me and I hope to those that didn’t.

Mid term report cards are just around the corner.

You’ve been warned 🙂

Mouse over for creds. Click for a bigger image and comments.

Leave a comment. Or else.

Keepers for Week 3

Some extremely talented image makers. Check it out:

Thank you everyone.

Great stuff.

As usual, mouseover for creds and captions.

Comment. If you wish.

See you next week.


But, Why?

I’ve said it for years; ‘GBDSS Rocks!’

Well actually it was ‘MSS Rocks!’, you get the idea.

But, why?

I mean, I’m supposed to be positive about my school, right?

Maybe, but my awe of where I work is tangible. Real.

It has nothing to do with the building, which is old and tired and about to be replaced, or the teachers, which at times resemble our building.

It’s the people that I work for. And I (really) don’t mean SCDSB.

It’s been the stream of awesome people that have come through this messy, chaotic space we call room222 and, warts and all, made it their space, turning what I though was merely a job into an incredibly rewarding experience. A personal journey with so much laughter and learning.

You guys really impress me.

It’s been a long line of leavers. I’ll miss you guys, just like I miss so many that left before you and will miss those after you.

You people make doing what I do the. Best. Ever.



Week 2 Excellence and a Thanksgiving Rant.

I’m reminded frequently, by many, of how fortunate I am to have the job that I have.

You bet.

You will never hear me complain about my job. The people I work with are exceptional humans. Each and every one. Each in their own, unique way.

The creativity and skill that these people demonstrate is inspiring.

So Thankful.

Some Keepers:

As usual, click to have a good look and see the credits.

Feel free to comment. The students love it.

Gobble, gobble.