communication technology at georgian bay district secondary: the future of photography


Prom Pictures are up


Week 8

Outstanding work from many of you. Have a look and leave a comment. I’m very impressed with what you people can accomplish given the opportunity.

One more week.

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Week 7:

Some stuff. Creative.

Me like.

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Please continue to be great.


Something different.

I am not a graphic artist.

I totally admire people that are masters of the art of compositing; combining different graphical elements into a new composition. Often these designs are surrealistic. And fantastic.

I’ve wanted to try one myself for a long while.

Thanks to Kirstin, Ashton and YouTube, I did some learning this week.

Ashton in Trouble


Some other shots from Kirstins’ shoot:

Neat to have the students teaching me. It’s what keeps it fun.


Week 6. More lighting and a Rant.


< Start Rant>

In conversation with a good human this week, they mentioned meeting a student from a different photography program. Instead of enjoying an opportunity to share a creative moment with a peer, the take-away was ‘Only film photography is real photography’.

What? You’re like 16! How can you actually know that? Or even think that? #triggered

Over the years I have heard this refrain over and over. Typically from old, bitter, curmudgeons who have lost the joy of photography along with their hair. They moan and complain about everything invented since Woodstock. Please! The CCD, autofocus and PhotoShop are not the unholy trinity!

Sad to think that their sad/mad opinions might be spreading to a new generation of image makers. Be sure, there is a romance to film photography but to say only film photography is ‘real’ or ‘art’ is like saying the only way to get to school is by walking. The greatest ‘artists’ of the past would be some of the first to see the potential of a limitless and accessible age of creative communication.

Here at GBDSS, we love using the latest tools available to create and express ourselves. Embracing the entire spectrum of available techniques and technologies is about opening up opportunities.

Why limit ourselves? And why limit the next generation of creatives?

I look forward to your comments and opinions.

Mr. Morphet

<End Rant>

Be good.

Some ‘Keepers’. Nice work people.

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Week 5! They’re ‘lit!

Studio lighting unit has started and people have been submitting their formal lighting images. These are the best of the week.

Remember: interesting subject + good composition + excellent light = A GREAT IMAGE.

You people are awesome. Some would even say ‘Tremendous’.

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Week 4

Here you go. Be great!

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